Prenatal Yoga Course Description

Asana, pranayama & meditation – 75 min

Yoga practice during pregnancy increases the overall well-being by enhancing awareness of

the mind, body and soul. Through regular practice you develop a sense of positivity about

pregnancy and build confidence in your ability to give birth.

In this course we will practice modified yoga asanas (postures) which are specifically

designed for the prenatal phase. The modified postures promote the coordination of gentle

body movements and free-flow breathing while simultaneously building strength and


More specifically, in every class we will practice breathing techniques and meditation

exercises. These are intended to have a relaxing effect by relieving common symptoms of

discomfort often experienced during pregnancy such as back pain, oedema, breathlessness

and sleeping disorder. Practicing these postures will help you not only during the pregnancy,

but also in the postnatal recovery stage.

In summary, this course is meant to make your pregnancy more enjoyable and prepare you

for the most amazing physical and emotional experiences of a lifetime – giving birth.


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