Welcome to SiS sportssenter

 We are among Norway’s largest sports centers and have å product for most people:

  • climbing and bouldering
  • high quality fitness facilities
  • performance floor
  • squash
  • over 90 group classes per week
  • etc.

Everything is included in the membership and you can take unlimited classes. Except squash, for which there is an additional fee.

Membership options

  1. 12-month commitment: student 249 NOK/non-student 539 NOK per month.
  2. No commitment but minimum two months: student 329 NOK /non-student 619 NOK per month
  3. 1-month prepaid membership: student 399NOK/non-student 699NOK

Choose the membership option you would like to purshace and follow the steps below to become a member 

How to sign up – step by step

  1. Open a new browser on the computer 
  2. Go to www.sissportssenter.no
  3. Press «bli medlem» on the blue column on the top of the site
  4. If you are a student, select «student- og alumnirabatt»
  5. If you are not a student, select «bli medlem»
  6. Select the membership you wish to purchase and press «kjøp»
  7. If you have a Norwegian phone number, add it to the next page and press «gå videre»
  8. If you do not have a Norwegian phone number, press «click here if you have a foreign number». Add your country code and your foreign number and press «gå videre»
  9. Then add the details in this order:
    • First name
    • Second name
    • E-mail
    • Address (Norwegian if you have one)
    • Postcode
    • City
    • Date of birth (day/month/year)
    • Gender 
  10. Press «gå videre”
  11. Now you need to confirm the terms and conditions by ticking the first box saying «jeg samtykker til vilkårene ovenfor og personvernerklæringen)”. Please translate the terms and conditions with Google Translate or similar. It is your own responsibility as a member to understand what agreement and membership you are purchasing. Ask the reception if you have any questions.
  12. Pay for the first month by selecting “Visa” or “Mastercard” and press «neste»
  13. Fill in the card details and press «betal«
  14. If you have a Norwegian bank account, it is very important that you now sign the «avtalegiro». Avtalegiro is the Norwegian form for direct debit. If you did not sign the avtalegiro when you registered, you can do it here: https://sis.ibooking.no/?page=atg_confirm.
  15. If you do not have a Norwegian bank account, you won’t be able to create an avtalegiro and will have to pay the next month at the counter before the 15th of each month. It is really important that you pay on time, if not the invoice will increase due to late payment
  16. If you purchase a single month (option 3), you do not have to worry about avtalegiro or paying for the next month
  17. If you have any problems with paying online or creating avtalegiro, please see the front desk
  18. After you have registered online, please see the front desk upon arrival to register an entrance card

 Welcome! You are now a member